Our Story

Our story began in the midst of the pandemic, when we, a Japanese artist and a Hong Kong designer, came together in hopes of creating something delightful in the times of uncertainty. We saw a need for something fresh in the world of fashion, and set out to fill that gap with TSUKURU.

TSUKURU handmade earrings are the result of a cross-cultural collaboration. Inspired by Japanese minimalism and the vibrant lifestyle in Hong Kong, we sought to incorporate these elements into their our work that provides a new definition of style.

The name "TSUKURU" means "to create" in Japanese, reflecting our passion for crafting delicate, unique pieces of jewelry. Our designs are made from high-quality polymer clay, which is thoughtfully shaped by hand. The attention to detail and the use of traditional Japanese techniques make our earrings truly one-of-a-kind.

The TSUKURU designs are meant to be both stylish and functional. The feathery lightness offers a new way to accessorize and make a statement without overwhelming the wearer.

We hope our commitment to quality, comfort, and creativity will help you express yourself, your way.